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One of the most remarkable things about Spaced Invaders is the fast and witty dialogue. The dialogue yields a plethora of quotes, which are listed here in chronologic order of appearance in the movie.

All sounds are in 22 kHz, 8 bit, mono, uncompressed WAV file format.

Where is the Admiral?

1.3 MB [Script]

The Martian commanders encounter the Enforcer Drone, with somewhat drastic results. This long sample covers the entire scene.

Now hold on a second...

244 KB [Script]

Sheriff Oxley encounters Mr Wrenchmuller and his shotgun.

Sir, the Arcturans have destroyed the ... fleet!

820 KB [Script]

The Martian commanders discover the problem with the Enforcer Drones.

Should have come as a wedge of cheese.

192 KB [Script]

Kathy complains about Big Bean.

It's 8:15PM, October 31st.

704 KB [Script]

Deputy Russell is buzzed by his first speeder.

I'll get the bucket.

44 KB [Script]

The old woman volunteers to fetch the bucket.

Who taught you to drive you moron!

868 KB [Script]

This long sample starts with a long Pez-ism and continues for quite a while as each of the Martian crewmembers reveals their personality traits.

But why, why would Mars...

240 KB [Script]

A short very funny sample as Blaznee questions the sagicity of attack Earth.

It certainly is green here...

140 KB [Script]

A classic joke that must be taken in conjunction with the corresponding picture.

What do you make of it doctor?

1.9 MB [Script]

This long sample encompasses possibly the funniest scene in Spaced Invaders.

Who died and left you in charge?

72 KB [Script]

A short funny sample.

Come on Vern I've got a cold beer...

176 KB [Script]

This quote reveals the truly vile nature of Klembecker.

Yes Mr Klembecker you butthead!

148 KB [Script]

Vern reveals his frustration.

Right you take the left flank...

180 KB [Script]

Another short silly quote.

Hey what's with all the happy sounds?

88 KB [Script]

Another short silly quote.

What now oh Mighty Leader?

324 KB [Script]

Pez at his sarcastic best.

Shouldn't this pitiful Earthling...

232 KB [Script]

Dr Ziplock expresses deep confusion.

Perhaps if we ride in this Transport...

464 KB [Script]

A long but classically funny sketch.

Yes Captain Bipto...

436 KB [Script]

Verndroid is born!

Welcome to the Gas King...

160 KB [Script]

And immediately starts to arouse suspicion.

Verndroid I can't contact the ship...

604 KB [Script]

Captain Bipto formulates his master plan.

All right first stop...

316 KB [Script]

The aliens discover the secret to crossing the road.

The smell of battery acid makes me thirsty!

484 KB [Script]

Verndroid working on the Farmzoid.

Ah the carnage begins...

168 KB [Script]

Bipto celebrates another victory.

Dont mess with me kid...

748 KB [Script]

Kathy gets the Martians out of trouble.

Whats all this then?

800 KB [Script]

Only to have Giggywig undo all her work.

Happy now?

132 KB [Script]

The Martians are thrown out of the car.

You have failed.

116 KB [Script]

The Enforcer Drone gets stroppy.

Too late your imperfection...

288 KB [Script]

Blaznee undergoes disciplinary review.

Thats it I'm going to kill something...

696 KB [Script]

Giggywig decides to do some damage; Pez continues to be sarcastic.

Space army...

120 KB [Script]

Blaznee cowers from the Big Bean residents.

Look I don't pretend...

340 KB [Script]

Blaznee continues to cower.

Blaznee to World Domination Force.

200 KB [Script]

Blaznee attempts to contact the WDF but is pushed off by Giggywig.

We interrupt your lives...

300 KB [Script]

Giggywig reveals his master plan.

On behalf of His Majesty's Atomic Space Navy...

576 KB [Script]

Giggywig continues to explain his plan.

Terrifying isn't it?

76 KB [Script]

Some classic maniacal laughter.

Hurry up everyones watching.

312 KB [Script]

The Martians attempt to construct their weapon.

This kind of thing isn't...

208 KB [Script]

A short but insanely funny piece of dialogue between the Sheriff and his Deputy.

Now this is what planetary siege weapons...

208 KB [Script]

Pez waxes enthusiastically about the Martian attack.

Its the most insidious weapon...

100 KB [Script]

Doctor Ziplock describes the terrors of the Earthling booby trap.

This gentleman perhaps.

260 KB [Script]

The Martians finally find the source of the original broadcast.

Forgive me mother...

212 KB [Script]

Brian begs forgiveness for the loss of his fins.

Duck! Duck! No, duck.

380 KB [Script]

OK, so it starts off as a visual gag but there is some funny dialogue later on.

Whoah, I said whoah!

388 KB [Script]

Blaznee reeducates the autopilot about who is boss.

The humans are coming...

68 KB [Script]

Pez flees in panic.

Thanks to your stupid distressomatic...

328 KB [Script]

Blaznee explains the problems with the ship and Giggywig explains how to fix them.

Oh thank you.

268 KB [Script]

Bipto returns to the ship.

I must say I am impressed...

152 KB [Script]

A classic Bipto-ism.

We did win didn't we?

1 MB [Script]

Giggywig explains the facts of the situation to Bipto.

Citizens of Earth...

112 KB [Script]

Short but classic Spaced Invaders.

You did it again didn't you?

220 KB [Script]

Why did the D-O-D fail?

Prepare to die Earthscum...

108 KB [Script]

The aliens flee in mass panic.

But Dad they're not really bad...

100 KB [Script]

Kathy succinctly sums up the entire alien attack.

Oh give me a home...

1 MB [Script]

The entire Martian campfire song. Kinda big.

We're trapped...

172 KB [Script]

More Blaznee brilliance.

No no I'm fine here.

124 KB [Script]

Verndroid is ocular welding.

That's it take me to your secret...

124 KB [Script]

Blaznee at his best again.

There's a few things I havent tried...

140 KB [Script]

Why does Blaznee get all the best lines?

Vern you come down...

388 KB [Script]

This is just silly.

This is your Captain speaking...

208 KB [Script]

But actually it's not, it's Blaznee being pessimistic.

That would be a blemish...

240 KB [Script]

Pez gets a bit over-enthusiastic.

Well thanks for not killing...

568 KB [Script]

The Enforcer Drone gets possibly the most poetic line in the movie.

I accept in the name of goodwill...

504 KB [Script]

For which he gets an award.

I'm so proud!

72 KB [Script]

Brings a tear to the eye.

Martians Taking Over The World

3.3 MB [Script]

The music from the credits.

Quinn "The Eskimo!"
16 Feb 1998