Great American Road Trip

Erica and I are currently on a month long road trip vacation. The primary goal was to attend the Roswell 2K car show, but we're also taking the time to visit Erica's grandparents (in Natchitoches, Louisiana) and tour the south-west of the United States. However, our first stop was a plane trip to Reed College for Erica's 5 year reunion.

Reed College Reunion

My first photo is a picture of the reunion parade.

The second photo is of Erica looking at Chris perplexedly.

None of my other reunion photos turned out well enough to publish.

On the Road

Upon arriving in Albuquerque both Erica and I got mobile phone service for the first time since leaving California, [Hint: Both PacBell and SPRINT have lousy service in the south-west.] so we pulled off the Interstate, refueled the car, and made some phone calls. One of the calls was to Erica's aunt, with whom we were staying for two nights.

After leaving Albuquerque we headed down to Roswell, and stopped by the Sonic drive-in restaurant for a quick (and greasy) meal. Never underestimate the popularity of Sonic in the south-west. We've seen a gazillion of them!

Roswell 2K

The Roswell 2K car show was solely for VW New Beetles. Being new New Beetle owners, we decided to attend. Also in attendance were a bunch of New Beetle accessory vendors and a gazillion (approximately 350) New Beetles. The first photo is a picture of the massed bugs.

The next photo shows Erica showing off our New Beetle, BABYSHP.

Finally, I've included a big page of bug photos for you to browse at your pleasure.

At this point my digital camera, a Canon PowerShot S10, mysteriously stopped working and I couldn't take any more photos. Hopefully Canon will fix it under warranty, but it's still disappointing that I won't be able to take photos of the rest of my trip. Heavy sigh.

Quinn "The Eskimo!"
21 Jun 2000